Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Are Online Casinos the Next Evolution in Online Gaming?

The Internet has made an impact on gaming. People used to go to area arcades to game amongst friends. As console gaming grew in popularity, area arcades closed because these connections could happen at home. Once the Internet was established, people could connect their consoles and play over a network, so online gaming groups grew in size. So what’s the next step in the ever-evolving world of online gaming? Perhaps it’s online casinos.

Online Casinos the Next Evolution in Online Gaming?

Once console gaming was firmly established and everyone had a console, area arcades closed. Will the same happen to real-world casinos? Are online casinos the next evolution in gaming, meaning they’ll someday overtake traditional casinos as the industry standard? Will all casino betting soon take place entirely online? In addition, as online casinos grow in popularity, will gambling see a renaissance with more people enjoying and partaking in the hobby as consoles have done for arcade games.

Millennials: The Next Gen Gambler

“In Las Vegas, a younger audience is bypassing the casino and heading straight to the night clubs,” reports Casinoroom. “Online, the casino market is steady but crowded. The fight for new customers is intense. The business that innovates will lead the pack.”

Judging by the lack of attendees at traditional casinos, it can be argued that once online casinos are able to garner the attention of millennials, they will become the industry standard for gambling.

Skill Games are Appealing to Millennials

People born after 1980 were raised on video games. Casinos should leverage this love of gaming by offering non-traditional methods of gambling, such as skill games. Unfortunately, brick-and-mortar casinos are slow to adopt these games. Online casinos, however, have plenty of skill games to offer millennials, which means that online casinos have their finger to the pulse of millennials, which makes them more likely to garner new millennial players.

Online Casinos are Thriving

Casinos are closing left and right; however, online casinos continue to thrive. “Since 2006, Atlantic City’s annual gaming revenue has tumbled roughly 55 percent,” reports Review Journal. Many casinos have closed, but regulated online gaming continues to thrive. Currently, the average better seems to prefer land-based casinos, but as more casinos close, it’s likely these betters will look to get their thrills online which will overtake real-life casinos in terms of popularity.

More States are Legalizing Online Betting to Boost Tax Revenue

Forbes reports that state governments need new sources of revenue, and they’re looking to online casinos to increase their revenue. In states where online casinos are legal and land-based casinos aren’t legal, online gaming will be more popular than land-based casinos because it’s more accessible. Statewide online gaming requires that players reside in the state to enter the gaming floor, which has proved difficult to prove. In order to keep their licenses, online casinos must verify identities. That’s just one of the hurdles that online casinos face, but as it evolves the methodology will improve and so will its popularity.

Overall, it can be predicted that online gaming is the next logical advancement in gaming. Look to top ten lists to determine the ongoing popularity of games and ways to play games. The games offered by online casinos sometimes make these lists, and they’re proof of the evolution of this style of gaming and its potential to be very successful moving forward.

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