Bevesol™, a Soluble Powder from

Goji Juice Concentrate

Dated, October, 2006Read the Press Release, August, 2006

Rich Nature Nutraceutical Labs, Seattle, is pleased to announce availability of Bevesol™ (patent pending), a low-heat, spray-dried powder from wolfberry juice concentrate (Lycium barbarum L.). Bevesol™ is made from premium wolfberries grown under China's Green Certificate on Rich Nature's farm in Zhongning County, Ningxia.

Requiring 11 kg of fresh berries to make 1 kg of powder, Bevesol™ has excellent characteristics as a high-ORAC antioxidant with sweet (brix 26) pleasant taste and orange color for beverages or foods. It is readily water-soluble and exceeds safety requirements with minimally detectable levels of pesticides, bacteria and metals.

Richard Zhang, President of Rich Nature, says "Since Bevesol™ has kept the original flavor and most nutrients from fresh wolfberries, it is an ideal product for consumers or industry to reconstitute wolfberry (goji) juice and save the higher shipping costs of juices. You can tell the obvious superior quality of Bevesol™ when compared to other wolfberry or goji powders made from conventional juice spray-drying, freeze-drying or solvent processing".

Bevesol™ contains the following nutrients per 100 grams: calories 330; protein 19 g; fat < 1 g; carbohydrates 62 g; dietary fiber 5 g; vitamin A 276 IU; vitamin C 968 mg (1,173 % RDA); calcium 87 mg; sodium 260 mg; potassium 1,970 mg (42% AI). ORAC = 6,230 Ámol Trolox per 100 grams. Rich in beta-carotene and zeaxanthin (250 mg), Bevesol™ is an orange crystalline powder available in one kg heat-sealed, polyethylene bags.


Bevesol™... beginning a new era of goji juice products!

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